USF Collections, Inc. is an international apparel design, merchandising, and sourcing company providing branded and private label apparel for Young Mens and Boys 2T – 20 size ranges.


Our brands, Blackjack, Diamond Blackjack & Jack focus on a  edgy, fun and young lifestyle. The Blackjack label inspiration is trend forward, faster, and edgier clothes for the guy who embraces individuality and aspires to think differently. High quality Blackjack and Diamond Blackjack sportswear and accessories are available in most major U.S. department stores, Canada, South America, and the UK, with future global expansion to China and India planned.

The Jack label is our all American interpretation of street wear and classic lifestyle with a more mainstream and understandable style to reach a wider demographic of customers. Jack is found at most mid-tier department stores in the U.S.

USF design and merchandising teams have extensive background and knowledge of fabrics and garment production. Our teams shop world wide for the best trends several times a year in order to be fashion leaders. We continually analyze retail sales of branded and private label sales providing ongoing information about the consumer’s purchasing habits. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, trend right products at a value the customer will appreciate.

Uma Sankar Fabrics was started in 1942 by V.K. Peumal Chettiar in Chennai, India. In 1985, U.S.F. began exporting fabric and finished garments outside of India to Europe and the United States. U.S.F. main offices are based in Chennai, and Erode, India, providing vertical sourcing for woven and knit garments. U.S.F. controls the garment production process in India from raw cotton through spinning, dying, finishing and final product.

In 1999, USF Collections, Inc. was formed in the United States to better cater to the growing private label retail customers. Today, U.S.F. India and USF Collections, Inc. have production facilities worldwide to meet the ever changing demands of the apparel industry. We currently produce in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Since 2004, USF Collections, Inc. line of Blackjack & Jack brand casual sportswear has provided rapid growth in the market. Our unique look and laid back style philosophy combined with cool twists and edgy details have made us a leader for retailers looking for quality trend right fashion.